Mariella makeup artist

I was born in Veneto, Italy.

Since I was a child I used to dream a colorful world, watching high fashion shows in TV. An artistic attitude stimulated and inspired me to draw and to experience new materials and textures and it brought me to choose an education whose main subjects were graphic, arts and photography. During the school years, I decided the way to express my art: not through a camera, but through make up.

I began to collaborate as make up artist for shops and with photographers. The influence of alternative musical genres, like punk and metal, inspired me to experiment so many extravagant looks. Based on my inclinations and my continuous research of a new appereance, I thought it was the right time to become a Makeup Artist: after a long consideration, I decided to go back to school to attend a new class. I chose "Makeup Artist" class of BCM school, in Milan. I graduated with distinction in 2015.

Now I live in Milan, where I collaborate with photographers, stylists, directors and clubs.

Mariella Val makeup artist, Mariella Val make up artist

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